Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Over the top? Definately. Mostly true? Yes

Interesting read from Brian Ross @The Huffington Post
Brian Ross: Apparently, You CAN Fool All of the People All of the Time:
A sad, but true account of how the nutters on the right have spread fear, lies, and name calling into the discussion about healthcare reform and the president. For those family and friends who aren't sure or don't believe me, click on the link. It's why I'm so passionate about this, this time around, and why we all need to fight for the truth.

"Obama is a fascist, socialist, commie pervert who will spread Nazistic Communist Socialism throughout America by way of his black helicopters on loan from the UN and he is not really the president, being a foreigner and all, now is he?
Health care is the first major test of the better-educated center attempting to take the country's future back from the largely ignorant, largely Southern fringe who were manipulated by a handful of smart and ill-intended Republicans and their puppeteers from the Big Money special interests into doing their bidding over the last twenty years.
They use conventional media outlets and the Internet to try to retain control of the power that largely white, largely Northeastern power brokers have enjoyed for more than two centuries, by energizing scared white folk afraid of losing their grip on power to the black 'foreign' guy in the White House."

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