Monday, September 28, 2009

Independent GOP Thinker

Texasoilfinder writes "It seems the entire state of South Carolina has gone nuts. Is it even safe to go there if you don't have a gun rack and a Klan sticker in your back window? I have an Obama bumper sticker, can I expect to be shot upon crossing the border?"
Probably not such a silly question when you take into account the likes of Rep. Joe Wilson's (R-SC) outburst "You Lie!" directed at President Obama during his recent address to the joint session of congress, and recent townhall meetings in the state where people came armed, and held up black-face signs of Obama shouting "We just want our country back!"
It seems not all South Carolinians hold such a backwards view of things.  McClatchy News writes a piece on a South Carolina Congressman that I had not heard of before, Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC).  It seems that while holding strong conservative values, Rep. Inglis is not afraid to call the truth, the truth, which ever side it falls on. He seems not afraid to show his indepence, witnessing a recent townhall meeting in which he was booed for telling folks to stop watching Glenn Beck because he trades on fear.
Describing himself as a self-avowed technology geek who battles for hydrogen powered cars, Inglis says his re-election bid next year and indeed, the Republican success will help determine the future of the party.  "We get to help define what the republican party will look and sound like," Inglis said.
Mr. Inglis has the backing and endorsement of Senator Lindsey Graham.  But up to now, other South Carolina congressional leaders have not followed suit.  Read the interesting McClatchy story here.

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