Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Maybe Brzezinski is Half Right?

As was pointed out to me earlier this week, the Israeli - Arab conflict is about politics. It is about territories and government. It is not about religion. The Muslims and Jews don't really have all these problems about the opposite religions but about where they live and who governs them. To this day I don't understand why the US has to be involved in every freaking thing Israel decides to do or not to do. They are a soverign country. We are too. We are not siamese twins who have been seperated.

To me it is insanity to bomb Iran at this time. How many wars do the war-mongers want to be in? How many can we afford with life and treasure? Iranian President Mamoud Ahmadinejad is a complete napoleon idiot who should probably be put out of his misery. But bombing the country and building another 50 years of hate for all of us does not seem the prudent thing to do.

Let's see, we screwed up Afghanistan, we screwed up Iraq royally, now, let's see if we can help Israel screw up Iran.
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  1. Wow you'v been buzy posting.

    So i'll start throwing my 2 cents in. You r right by saying tht Israeli/ Arab conflict is political.
    But thats putting in mildly. powers that control US foriegn policy also has a big interest in Israel.
    So u can forget about US stopping aid. Just dig into the history its all thr and u'll see.

    And with Iran. come on now N korea has the bomb, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, France, Britain,
    thrs a long list. Why Iran would b a problm. do we really think tht thy would attk any1 with it?
    and if thy where dont u think tht thy know tht US would turn thr country into a desert? oh ya its already tht. but it would only bring them a world of hurt. So lets not be fooled into believing tht Iran having nuke capability would b any threat at all. its just a huge waste of thr resources imo.
    thy probly feel threaten if not anything else.

    Now the real reason we will be going into Iran is -- well just look at the track record what the common factor- OIL _ plane and simple. we r in iraq- OIL -( what happen to othe $20 a barrel tht was spoke of before we went into Iraq. we would be bringing online the 2nd biggest oil field in the world.
    where is tht oil? halibeton has ben trucking it out since day 1 of invasion.. anyway
    Afghanistan- OIL PIPELINE - oh ya and HEROIN drug money account for almost 1/2 the world CASh money. Ever since Iran threw out of their country the major oil companies, big oil has been pissed and will try anything to get control of that OIL again.

    This could get quite winded, so Just do the research . Stop watching corporate owned news.
    pick up a book, stop watching porn on the internet and scan for truth, its all there in black and white.
    Any 1 using the right side of their brain can see that its all smoke and mirrors. And their reasons and excuses are so full of shit it sinks of corruption. The very sad part is the young boys and girls that give there life as soldiers really to line the pockets of giant ,multi national greedy, power hungry, pieces of shit.

    didnt really have much time to write this, have to go work .bbs

  2. You're right. With Sis & Hub here the last week I didn't post once since last Thursday or Friday, I think. The good thing about this blogger template is if you see something that you want to write a post about on the net you just right click it, accelerator (new IE 8), send to your blog and it is saved as a draft. You can do the same with your thoughts while entering a paragraph to expand on a full post later.
    So while I didn't post in a week I had probably 10 drafts of topics that interested me and yesterday had full time to write 4 or 5 of them.
    Sis is in NYC then to points up north. Don't really know where or what her plans are but sure they are full. It would be cool for you guys to speak. Alas, no workable telephone available.
    I'm on a different computer and lost your email address, maybe you can remind me @ Ciao