Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bill'O vs The Congressman

Does this post and others like it go against my standards?
As someone who cannot tolerate Bill'O and his drivel, this 5 minutes was pretty good.  I should also say I like Barney Frank and think he is a smart and shrewd politician.  Having said that, the reason I posted it was because of the interaction between them.  Bill'O seems smug and mouthy.  Frank seems a bit off-put and anxious.  Taking into account Bill'O's smugness and mouthiness, and Franks "put-offness" and anxiousness, this time they struck a balanced accord in their dialogue.  I thought it was amusing.
Don't watch this if you have 5 minutes of your life to do almost anything else.  Don't watch this unless you hate Bill'O and love Frank, or hate Frank and love Bill'O.
I know this is media garbage at the highest (lowest) level and I am promulgating it, I do feel guilty about that. 

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