Wednesday, September 23, 2009

"Tea Party" Leader Melts Down On CNN: Obama Is An "Indonesian Muslim Turned Welfare Thug" (VIDEO)

"Tea Party" Leader Melts Down On CNN: Obama Is An "Indonesian Muslim Turned Welfare Thug" (VIDEO): "--Number of months we've been in recession: 20
--Number of months stimulus has been in effect: 5

--Number of job losses per month when Obama took office: 600,000
--Number of job losses last month: 219,000

--GDP decline when Obama took office: -6%
--GDP decline last quarter: -1% (and probably positive growth right now)

--Dow Jones when Obama came into office: 8000
--Dow Jones now: 9600"


  1. What video were u watching? from what i saw looks like the tea party leader shut down his critics. They where calling them an unruly crowd? preaching hate and death?. just more of the spin and smear they r trying to put on an real Americans voicing there opinion granted them by the CONSTITUTION. and the mainstream media practically trying to ignore the rallies that where going on all across the country on 9/12. they where stating that "it looks like thousands maybe up to 10 thousand protesters in DC. that couldn't of been more of a lie. from what i'v seen and RESEARCHED there were more like 1-2 million marching on DC alone, and maybe as much as 10 mill people nation wide. they are trying to call these patriots a mob that r attacking your government an soon they will be calling them terrorist. and they soon will be locking up any1 who doesn't go along with their agenda . FRom what I thought obama preached during his campaign,was that we would be getting out of iraq, no more nation building (unless its here). more help for the working class.

    but what we get is more troops to Afghanistan, not pulling out of iraq, and only people he seems to be helping out in the big corporations and minorities. even his health care package looks to me to be a windfall for the big pharmaceuticals and insurance companies. Why wouldn't people get out and vent their frustration. as for the leader, he only stated that from what he has saw from this pres, its a conclusion one could come to. and how can u disagree? so again SHUT OFF CORPORATE (socialist)NEWS. i mean the spin they try to put on everything is usually laughable

    again its just my opinion

    Oh ya i got a blog started check it out

  2. Ok, you gave a long, thoughtful response so I'll try to respond. The guy is a nutcase. The reason that cable media (not mainstream) puts him on the air is to get people fired up on both sides, and watch their show more, to buy their advertisers products more, to pump up the corporation more, you get the idea. They are whores, and that's putting it nicely.
    The guy said that he traveled to 35 cities and saw only 3 of those crazy signs during all of those tea bagging parties. Really? What was on television every night, and the papers every day for the month of August? Not to mention the wackos with the guns, don't get me started on that.
    If you research the guys blog you will notice that indeed he did call Obama an Indonesian, muslim turned welfare in chief, a thug. Racist in chief. Truly? It sounds like a jerk-off trying to push his latest book.
    I don't think you can say he repesents anybody but the loony fringe.
    I also RESEARCHED the number of protesters in DC and according to my research the total was closer to 70,000 - 100,00. You seriously know that. 10 MILLION nationwide??? But in the end, who knows and who cares?
    As one who is often interested in conspiracy theories, you are aware of Dick Armey - Freedom Works, and FOX News? They promoted these marches to further their corporate, political agendas. You didn't report that.
    I don't think most people protesting or (petitioning) their government are not honest or well meaning but some have been led to the shed like lambs. Like you say on your blog, "The truth shall set you free". But to your point, they should get out and vent their frustration and let their feelings known. We can all agree on that.
    I have not been all that happy with everything that Obama has done and the sense of urgency with which he has done them. I also believe that you do have to face political realities. They don't have the votes to pass most of what they want. Do I wish he were more of a revolutionary not beholden to corporations, banks, and special interests? Yes completely. To finish that point; If you shut off corporate news (Fox and Dick Armey) there wouldn't be as much of an uprising that there is. So maybe it serves two purposes. But you need to call a spade a spade.
    Finally, if you are promoting the idea that news (I use that term loosly) organizations are socialistic, what lends you to that conclusion? In my opinion cable tv news puts on two sides of screaming pundits, lets them scream for 5 minutes and calls that "presenting both sides". How about letting them talk and then presenting a little fact check, or something I would call, the truth.
    Walter Cronkite must be rolling in his grave.