Monday, September 14, 2009

Football Time

In 15 minutes the New England Patriots will kick off their season.  The other teams have played yesterday and today, only two games remain.  Locally, the Eagles won by a big margin but ole' McNabb may be hurting with his cracked rib.  Dallas won in a big way so all is calm around here.
But my big game is almost starting.  Will New England go all the way?  Will we see pass after pass from Tom Brady to Randy Moss?  Dare I even mention the "und***" word?  No I surely will not.  I'm just sayin' I'm excited and hoping for the best.  Go Pats!

Will I write before the game as if I'm a complete idiot?  Will I be sitting in the chair during the 4th honestly just hoping for a win?  Maybe.  You gotta admit that this is why sportscasters call TB one of the top come-back QB's of all time.

Pats 25  Bills 24   9-14-2009
Brady 378 yds, 2 TD 1 it
Ben Watson 2 TD

Pats looked rusty first 3 quarters.  Mid-way through the 4th Pats were down, needed two scores.  Brady led 2 successful very late drives.  Bills looked good off and def, not quite good enough tonight but coulda won the game. Pats defense has a ways to go, as well as offense.  Mulroney had a good game.
Next week in New York against Jets, important division game.

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  1. oh man this is greaT 1:56 LEFT PATS GOT BALL BACK WOOT