Friday, September 4, 2009

James Zogby: Ramadan 2009: America and Islam

James Zogby, the pollster who seemed to get the Clinton administration just right, and widely credited with polling our true values at the time, is "proud of our country." So am I. Despite what some of our friends on the right seem to think, we can still be the country that celebrates diversity and justice for all. 'Eid Mubarak.

James Zogby: Ramadan 2009: America and Islam: "In many ways, this is a unique country. One of our most enduring qualities is our openness and the absorptive character of our national identity. Despite the persistent rantings of some bigots, no one religion, ethnicity or culture defines us or limits who can be one of us.
America possesses an alchemy, of sorts, with its remarkable capacity to transform people and itself. With citizenship you get more than a passport and the right to vote--you become American. And that is not all, because, in the process, America becomes changed. As each new wave of immigrants has come to our shores and become Americans, the very character and definition of the country and its culture has changed. Look at our food, listen to our music, see our style--in all of these are the threads woven from the many diverse peoples who have come to make up the rich and diverse nature of America today."

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