Sunday, August 22, 2010

We Can't Yield -- Not Now, Not Ever

I thought about that too. He's certainly not the head of the tea party. But you know what? That guilt by proximity or guilt by association is standard operating procedure for the tea party and the Republicans in general. 3/4's of the issues those parties bring against the dems are baseless and the other 1/4 are circumstantial. She's just doing to them what they do day in and day out on Fox Noise and loser internet sites like Brietbart's and WND.

I think it's refreshing that instead of being politically correct and saying, "well we all share a little blame about this, yeah fox did it but the others followed", she was clear. Brietbart on purpose lied and started this controversy and Fox on purpose lied and spread it. They were responsible.
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Friday, August 20, 2010

WorldNetDaily Rewards Liars

One of the very worst websites, of the "higher read" sites. WND has an exposed liar writing post after post, day after day, and the msm can pick up one of these "news stories" and run with it. After FOX runs with it, then CNN, MSNBC, and it becomes a story. Even though 98% false. Certainly very little fact checking and surely no calling out as to who's lying and who is telling the truth. That is the reason that today, a few months less than two years into Obamas presidency, 18% of Americans believe him a muslim. Oh wait, also not born here, ah, the list goes on and on.

There are no rules for the citizen reporters on the internet and as a result of that, the main stream media has loosened it's rules so that it no longer looks like anything that it was 20 years ago. What to do?
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Thursday, August 19, 2010

'Professional Left' Saga Says More About Media Than Obama

I don't agree. I think Obama has governed more or less how he campaigned. I don't recall him ever proclaiming to be way on the left. My impression was that he was a left of center pragmatist and I think that's how he has tried to govern. Am I happy with a lot of what he's done? Absolutely not. Would I vote for him again? Absolutely. I guess I believe in 1. a learning curve for administrations, and they are adapting. 2. politics ain't easy.

Appointing Elizabeth Warren and getting rid of Summers and Geitner would be good choices to improve his administration.

Who would govern most from the left? Bill, Hillary, or Barack?

When I look at where this country was when he took over, I think he's made too many compromises but he has had to to get anything done. He's still got a lot of work though.
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reflections on <i>24 Hour Restaurant Battle</i>

It is not "maybe" possible to open a restaurant in 24 hours, it is impossible. Chef Conant knows that. Restaurants are one of the hardest business' to manage and earn a profit from. The best restaurants make 5 - 10% as their bottom line. (very small margin for error) So before you really think about salt shakers and place settings you need to think about a business plan. Food cost, labor cost, rent, other fixed costs are most important. You need to pay yourself. Oh yeah, you better know how you will attract enough customers each day to keep the $$ coming. I think it may be possible to do it in maybe a month, but better yet, you need about 4-6. The show is still fun though and is realistic in the trials, tribulations, and successes!
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