Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Blue State New Jersey

A recent poll done by Public Policy Polling surveyed 500 likely New Jersey voters on 9/11-9/14.  The margin of error is +/- 4.5%.  There were 20 questions that comprised the poll and I've only included the last 3 results for classification.  The question that surprised me was the first result below:
  • Do you think Barack Obama was born in the United States?  Yes - 64%, No - 21%
  • Who did you vote for president last year?  McCain - 46%, Obama - 48%
  • Are you Liberal?  19%,  Moderate?  52%,  Conservative?  29%
  • Are you a Democrat?  39%,  Republican?  33%,  Independent?  28%
"These findings are in no way unique to New Jersey.  But it's a reminder that high levels of extremism are in no way limited to the South."
That is what surprised me.  I had seen and read the stories about the "birthers" and how unhinged they seemed, but thought they mainly resided in Dixie States.  The poll authors further pointed out that they had polled 5 other non-southern states and that New Jersey was the one with the least "birthers."  Is it our schools that have failed us? Or is it the mainstream media that has facilitated this nonsense day after day after day, and NO, I do not mean just Glenn Beck.

Read the complete poll here

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