Monday, June 7, 2010

Is it Un-American to criticize Israel?

A well written post that gives both sides to the story. The Jewish/Palestinian struggle is always so unclear for me. One side says "Yeah, but you have all these countries surrounding us, calling for our destruction. We're just trying to protect ourselves. Plus we're a democracy and the United States closest ally." Then another side says "They've cut off shipments of all but the most basic of goods, it's like apartide." Then the other side says "But they throw rocks at our people just trying to help them. Sometimes they are supplied with smuggled guns and shoot us and even shoot bombs into the mainland." Then the other side says "But the Israeli military comes down on us by a factor of 10x's whatever we do." Then there are the terrorists who go into restaurants and blow up innocents. And on and on, AND ON AND ON AND ON...................Speaking as a naive interested party, when is it going to end? Will it last forever? Who's side is at fault, ney, who's side is more at fault?
And each time the one side makes one of these claims I think, yeah that's right, the other side is bad. Then the other side makes another claim and I think, no, they are really right and the first claim was wrong. That doesn't even get into the fact that as a country we are required to be Israels biggest defender no matter what. Why? It's obvious that protecting our strongest ally gets us nothing but problem after problem after problem. But I bet I'm not quite right in that thinking either?  Click on the link.

Jay: In Defense of Helen Thomas -- On Apologizing to Apologists
: "At any
rate, we all know what's going on here. The hyper-pro-Israel lobby, in both
parties, hasn't much liked the fact that Helen Thomas dares to speak up and
question that most sacred of topics, and right from the front row of the White
House Press Gallery. Heck, she had the gall to ask President Obama about
Israel's 'secret' nuclear weapons. She even asked the current White House
spokesman why the US had not condemned the Israeli attacks on the aid flotilla.
No wonder they want her the hell out."

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sarah Palin: NBC Broke Promise To Me, Example Of 'Lamestream' Media

If I'm having a bad day or just feeling a little down, I always know where to go to pick me up! The interenet with it's latest reporting on Sister Sarah's rumblings and ruminations from Wasilla. Just to click this link and see her shiny, smiling face warms my heart. I have written about her over and over again on my blog about her spirit, her elan, her looks...her brain! One has to be impressed with the wealth of information that she has kind of stuck up there in her mind (and also on her palms).

So, the next time you read or hear her talking about Barack Obama, the constitution, states rights, or even her next door neighbor, Mr. McGinniss, remember that you are witnessing something very special, the Republicans and right-wing media's dumbing down of America over the last 20 years. For that, Palin is the poster child. So I sigh, make a little smile, and rejoice in the fact that I still have a free mind, unfettered by the wackos out there, and know that what's right for Sister Sarah and her ilk, are not right for me.
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