Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fox News Destroys CNN & MSNBC 3Q 2009 Cable News Ratings

They didn't win the quarter. They WON. Whatever fox is doing, they are getting bigger and whatever CNN and MSNBC are doing, they are losing viewers. I deplore Fox and everything they stand for. They are the "lyin' liars" that Al Franken talked about. A couple of them are real wackos. But people seem to like wackos. They like liars. The public act like lambs going to the shed to be slaughtered when they believe that crap.

Face it, YOUR friends, and YOUR neighbors all watch Fox. When Lou Dobbs moves to Fox, his show will be in the top 10. America has been sold a bill of goods and they bought it. Additionally, not only is Fox responsible for this bill of goods, but the so called mainstream media are at least equally responsible for repeating the nonsense and lies that are spewed daily from the right-wing wackos. And they still have the balls to say that there is a left-wing, liberal bias to the media. Disgusting.  Fox won, we lose.

What a country we live in.

3Q '09 _LIVE+SD_ P2+ ranker -

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