Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Regarding the Latest Sell-Out Plan on Health Care Reform

One of those silly factoids making it's way around the net, which I don't think I agree with, though too important not to point out. From Ezra Klein:
"If I could construct a system in which insurers spent 90 percent of every premium dollar on medical care, never discriminated against another sick applicant, began exerting real pressure for providers to bring down costs, vastly simplified their billing systems, made it easier to compare plans and access consumer ratings, and generally worked more like companies in a competitive market rather than companies in a non-functional market, I would take that deal. And if you told me that the price of that deal was that insurers would move from being the 86th most profitable industry to being the 53rd most profitable industry, I would still take that deal. And that may be the exact deal we're getting. The profit motive is not, in and of itself, a bad thing."


  1. Commenting but not sure where to begin. On this imaginary world this person is referring to. where the sky is lite pink and healthcare is run efficiently? Or that they would take some deal like it as if it suppose to resemble what is being put forth now? If government ever takes over health care (and it looks like it might)its the beginning of the end. One more piece of big brother taking over a big part of your life. And big brothers not our government. There's only one problem with health care and its not availability its afordablity.and why isn't it affordable? One word "inflation". and thank the people who are trying to take it over for it. You are still looking though smoke and mirrors. you dont seem to realize what's going on right in front of you. most likely you still dont believe 911 was an inside job. I feel sorry for all those who are being scammed. And for all those who continue to spread the lie with their twisted belief that the NWO is for the better and that the ends justify the means. May they will all burn in hell.

    Big problem I have and its off the mark a bit is our new savior,Obamma and his trampling of his campaign promises. Its like "what have we done" his campaign promise(s) not to issue “signing statements”, and it was found that within the first few days of his “Presidency” he issued at least seven (7) signing statements that, like the Bush regime, put his regime allegedly “above the law” and the U.S. Constitution, and continued the claim “that it ‘is’ (supposedly) his ‘Constitutional’ imperative to interpret the Constitution as he sees fit”. WTF

    We must get big business out of Washingtons' pockets, or nothing will ever be done in the peoples best interest.

    And everyone needs to go over the FACTS of 911

  2. What's the issue with what is described? Don't we want insurance companies to simplify billing, pressure vendors to reduce costs, spend the bulk of the profits on actual care for subscribers, & stop discriminating against those who are sick? What am I missing?

  3. I just think there's a better way, like using the medical system that we already have in place, medicare, and fix it. In previous posts I have pointed out how congress has not been willing to do that in the past. This was the time to get together, bi-partisan like, and address some of the issues. But when they all met at the table like they have for the last 6 months, one party would have nothing to do with fixing anything.
    As an aside, I wish my good friend Rich from up north would debate with you a little. I suspect with your libertarian views you two might have much in common. Just a thought.