Friday, December 4, 2009

Becoming a Palintologist

You too, can become a Palintologist!  All you have to do is wait in long lines, sometimes the night before in pretty cold weather.  You can do all this for a chance to get the inspiring pit-bull, with lipstick to sign your copy of her memoir that you just paid $24.95 for.  I say "for a chance" because sometimes the aspiring actress, I mean 2012 presidential candidate doesn't have time to sign all the books for the people that waited in line so long for.  Last week at one of her rallys book signings, she decided that she didn't have enough time to finish signing all the books.  She got back into her "Sarah Bus" and drove 2 miles back to the airport to board her private jet  provided by The Reverend Billy Graham, Jr. at a cost of $600.00 per hour, and left people with "Sarah Signs" chanting "Run, Baby, Run!"
But that didn't deter the people waiting for her in Fayettville, who might be called the foot soldiers for "Sarah's Army."  "Hundreds of people formed a line that snaked around the back of the store. They wore camouflage fatigues and suits, work boots and dress loafers, ball caps and cowboy hats and T-shirts that read, "Palintologist."  Said 78 year old Bob Rutz, who was first in line "I'm hoping she'll be drafted to run."  Me too.
BTW, I love that pic!
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  1. I thought you weren't going to blog about this woman any more? You just can't help yourself, can you? ha ha

  2. nonononono! I saw that great pic, found a story and my addictive personality disorder regarding her took over! Do you think I may one day switch on my thinking of her because of all the attention that I give her? BTW, I just came from reading your blog, and you just left this one.