Tuesday, December 8, 2009

At What Price, At What Point, Do Athletes Give Up Their Right to Privacy?

Wm. David Cornwell, Sr.: Enough Of Tiger: It's Time for the Media to Answer Some Questions: "We have created a new class of Americans our country called 'Athletes.' For example, the focus on drug and steroid testing in sports is absurd when you consider that professional athletes are tested more than Supreme Court Justices, Members of Congress, the President of the United States, and other elected officials. Additionally, despite the disproportionately high incidents of substance abuse among health care practitioners and the undeniable potential risks to their patients, there are no uniform workplace testing programs for health care practitioners that are similar to the testing programs in sports. What is it about possessing the elite athletic prowess that justifies treating a man or woman differently from others whose impact on our lives are potentially much more profound?"  What is the turning point in the nexus between earnings and the right to have a private life? I am sure that Tiger and many other men and women who are paid to play sports would like to know the answer so they can balance their financial demands with their desire to be human.

The media does a good job of getting answers to the questions it wants to ask. How about they spend some time answering the ones I have asked?


  1. Police investigations are a matter of public record. Everything else connected to All Things Tiger is nothing but voyeurism. Disgusting. I am so sick of hearing about Tiger. He absolutely has the right to privacy. The last thing I want to see when I turn on the "news" is who claims to have had an affair with Tiger. There really isn't any decent real news out there, is there?

  2. Tiger's just the distraction of the week. For the media to be feeding on him , he must'v pissed off the higher ups,or they wouln't have given the ok to feed on him. Could be his wife is a little bit more well connected, could be time for this boy to come down, they could b bringing down his price tag.any how he's just another pawn in the big game and for some reason he is being sacrificed. Watch for the elite ,see who there grooming to take his place. After all its all about the money$$$

    You can yell and screem for some real news, but all the farmer hears is bahh bahh bahh.He'll keep feeding you only what he wants you to absorb. Sure you can stick your head out of the fence and taste the grass outside , but dont let the framer see you, or you might end up on the dinner plate early.

  3. well said, Just who did Tiger piss off? As golf being my favorite sport to play and Tiger one of my favorite athletes, I admit to being a bit taken aback with a new girlfriend emerging nearly every day. What are we at now, 12? It's just that the story is over. He cheated on his wife, she found out, took a 9-iron to him, and he's gonna have to pay up real good. Distraction of the week from what? That a global cabal that includes most of our presidents is taking over the country?