Sunday, December 13, 2009

Don't Cheat on your wife in the Live Free or Die State!

The State of New Hampshire whose motto is "Live Free or Die" still has a 200 year old law on the books making adultery a crime.  Perhaps things are changing.  "CONCORD, N.H. — The original punishments – including standing on the gallows for an hour with a noose around the neck – have been softened to a $1,200 fine, yet some lawmakers think it's time for the 200-year-old crime of adultery to come off New Hampshire's books.  Convicted adulterers years ago faced standing on the gallows, up to 39 lashes, a year in jail or a fine of 100 pounds. The punishment has been relaxed to a misdemeanor and a fine of up to $1,200 – with no jail time."
""We shouldn't be regulating people's sex lives and their love lives," state Rep. Timothy Horrigan said. "This is one area the state government should stay out of people's bedrooms."  ""Who we love and how we love is not something, an area the state has much business meddling in," he said."
New Hampshire is a rich and vibrant state whose natural beauties can hold it's own with most.  I have visited there often and remember driving down the Kangamangus Highway to view the most beautiful fall foliage display on the East Coast.  Also Mt. Washington where you can drive a car all the way to the top and holds the distinction of being the windiest place in the US.  And the quaint fishing villages aroud Portsmouth, between Massachusetts and Maine. 
Its citizens like to think of themselves as independent with open minds.  I agree.  If the law as on the books today were strictly enforced, I fear there might not be enough legislators because of it, to change the it.  Welcome to 2009!

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  1. Tiger Woods might think the punishments presribed in NH are better than what he is currently enduring!