Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Something Has to Give

Matthew Yglesias opines that America has become ungovernable. But has it always been this way?
Matthew Yglesias » Ungovernable America: "We’re suffering from an incoherent institutional set-up in the senate. You can have a system in which a defeated minority still gets a share of governing authority and participates constructively in the victorious majority’s governing agenda, shaping policy around the margins in ways more to their liking. Or you can have a system in which a defeated minority rejects the majority’s governing agenda out of hand, seeks opening for attack, and hopes that failure on the part of the majority will bring them to power. But right now we have both simultaneously. It’s a system in which the minority benefits if the government fails, and the minority has the power to ensure failure. It’s insane, and it needs to be changed."

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  1. Yes, it has always been this way. I heard one of the talking heads say it best--can't remember now which one--the extremes on either side go ballistic at the actions of the other side no matter who is in charge. It is partisanship at its worst. Some partisanship is good--we don't need a rubber stamp Congress for either major party--but some of the fighting is done for the sake of fighting. My opinion.