Sunday, December 20, 2009

Does this paragraph bother you 2?

It does me.
"The courtship period is over. Sen. Olympia Snowe, a key Republican moderate Democrats have been courting for months, has announced she will oppose and filibuster health-care reform. Snowe was the only Republican to vote for the reform in the Finance Committee, but cited the new “artificial and arbitrary deadline of completing the bill before Christmas” as a dealbreaker. “That is shortchanging the process on this monumental and trans-generational effort,' Snowe said in a statement. With Sen. Ben Nelson (D-NE) now signed on as the 60th vote for the measure, Snowe’s decision isn’t catastrophic for Democrats. If the bill passes, it looks like it will be without a single Republican vote."
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  1. The whole process makes me sick. Sweetheart deals to states resulting in Ben Nelson prostituting himself at the expense of the remaining 49 states--so typical. I agree that we are rushing into a vote on this thing without enough time for the American people to peruse the details. Unintended consequences will be hard to walk back. Have you seen the list of taxes, yet, by the way?

  2. How long would you like to debate with one side who will not debate? Should we just talk with ourselves? How many freaking months did the other side sit and negotiate on a bill that they were certain that not ONE freaking member, no matter what was proposed, all for the sake of political one-upmanship, would vote for? No Sheila, they could debate until next election and not one f*cking Republican would vote for anything just as they have done on almost every bill this year. Read the news, minority leader McConnell from Kentucky has already announced that next years Republican campaign will be solely about walking back any health care plan and attacking the Democrats for trying to do SOMETHING.
    I GET IT, YOU'RE AGAINST TAXES AND THE DEBT. You might remember that taxes are much lower today than under Reagan. You might also remember that if Bush didn't push through Congress that largest tax cuts in history, during wartime no less, the debt might not be as large. You might also remember that Bush pushed through the tax cuts through the "reconciliation budget process" which did not take the Herculean effort that Obama has had to take to get 60 Senators to vote on his bill, but a simple majority of 51 Senators in 2001 and 2003.