Saturday, December 12, 2009

Further Discussion on Health Care Reform

One of my readers, Sheila brings up the point that she would like to move forward; But... 

If the expansion of Medicare & Medicaid are coupled with those programs being fully funded, then I believe this is a good way to cover the uninsured. I'm concerned about the plans to cut Medicare. I don't think the elimination of fraud will be enough to balance the Medicare budget--besides, we ought to be striving to root out fraud all the time. I've been thinking about the health insurance woes I dealt with on a daily basis. I do not want "reform" which leaves America in the same situation. There isn't any way we can cover millions more people in Medicare while cutting its funding. That means we will continue to have the same types of restrictions on coverage which exist now, only with a higher price tag.

My reply:

I also worry about the cuts in medicare and fighting fraud just isn't enough. I don't want reform without it moving us forward to covering all, being less restrictive, and fiscally responsible. Check out my previous post here on my thoughts on medicare.  In it I point out the difficulty Congress has historically had in making any changes, even ones that everybody agrees are good.
I think health care reform is more than a single bill that nobody is really going to love. I think it's a process to take us from the dark ages in providing health care and it's costs, into the 50's. It's not about our doctors and hospitals being the best in the world, no one can deny that. It's just about how the system will bankrupt many people and the government in the next 20 years if nothing is done.
So, it has to be evolving. If we get a bill this year, maybe next year we tweek it in some way. Add a provision where it is needed, remove a regulation where it is not. Kind of like "Best Practices" so that maybe in 10 years our system will at least be in the here and now and not the dark ages.  If we get a bill, it may gradually force our elected officials to work together to make it even better.


  1. We disagree on the concept of at least getting something passed. If that something adds to the problems we have, then why pass it? Tweaking later on? That speaks of not getting it right, and needing to address unforeseen consequences. Your post on paying for war is really the best example of why we can't afford the bill being debated. Even with astronomical tax rates, WW II was not fully funded. Right now, we not only have two wars to fund, but we still haven't figured out how to fund Medicare and Medicaid. We can't afford to expand those programs, period. I see passage of the current bill to be complete folly. It's amazing that people really don't believe that America can go bankrupt.

  2. Before we get too far, I thought you might have commented on the penguins in Antarctica. I of course thought of you when I saw the video. America WILL GO bankrupt if we don't do anything about health care. See you in 20 years.