Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Remembering John Lennon, 29 Years Later

Thanks Joe, I also don't agree with you much of the time but this post moved me; your best ever.
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  1. Last night at work, the radio station which was tuned in played Beatles songs all night in a nod to the memory of John Lennon. Throughout the broadcast that terrible announcement would mark the top of the hours. I was at work when the news broke (at Bally's Park Place Casino). It still feels unreal 30 years later. The world lost a wise man with a compelling world view, a son lost his Daddy, a wife lost her husband, and IMHO--THAT'S the night the music died.

  2. Beatles music seems to transcend time. In the kitchen where I worked, my 20 year old protege had a quest to collect every album they ever released. He was well on his way. I remember being surprised, but happy that today's generation appreciated their music like I did. That was 4 and a half years ago. Sadly and horribly he was killed when thrown from the back of a motorcycle. That's the day that some of my music died.

    Happily, his twin brother, who also worked with me, also has an affinity for the Beatles, took up the cause of collecting all the recordings, and as far as I know, may have succeeded. Up to a year and a half ago, we listened to the Beatles all the time in the kitchen, especially on Sunday mornings, when we would call it "Breakfast with the Beatles"