Monday, December 14, 2009

George H.W. Bush On Joe Wilson: 'How Low Have We Gotten Here?'

You are so right. I'd also like to point out that George HW Bush would not be conservative enough to get elected today, just ask any conservative. Their party has been taken over to the point that they campaign against other repubs for not being conservative enough as in NY and they actually encourage the antics of yahoo back-benchers like Joe Wilson AND encourage good conservative repubs to donate much money to his childish outbursts. They really are messed up. They are like a deep-tooth abcess.
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  1. Good old HW. He's the reason I voted for Clinton in '92. His war in Iraq pissed me off, too. Do you remember when Hussein was making noises about invading Kuwait, the US sent a message to Iraq stating that the border dispute was not a US concern. Something to that effect, anyway--it's been such a long time. So, Hussein actually invaded Kuwait. So then the US says yes it IS our concern, get the hell outta there. And, we went to war to liberate Kuwait. My brother served in that war. He was one of the troops sent secretly behind enemy lines into Iraq itself. He came back a changed man. And, of course, HW with his stupid "read my lips" promise which you just knew had to be broken as soon as the phrase left his skinny little lips. I could care less what HW thinks about Joe Wilson or anyone else for that matter.

  2. Good personal reasons Sheila for which I can only say thanks to your brother for his service to our country. But because your brother is such a hero and HW's son and Dick the Dick such chicken hawks in starting wars they had no business starting, I resent the son's administration a lot more. I had never thought of the Kuwaiti war in the way you just pointed out.