Monday, December 14, 2009

Dick the Dick: Obama's a Traitor

Marty Kaplan: Barack Obama Is a Traitor: "Or maybe there's a double standard. A man who manipulated intelligence to justify a misbegotten war; who authorized torture; who ordered illegal wiretapping of Americans; who outed and endangered a covert CIA agent in order to punish a whistleblower; who directed billions in no-bid contracts to the company he ran and retains a substantial financial interest in: maybe the media were tougher on a Democratic president who was impeached for lying about fellatio than they ever were on a de facto Republican president who should arguably have been impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors."
Thank God we live in a country where anyone can basically say anything they want to say about the President, Members of Congress, or Just Ordinary Folk, if you believe it to be true. OK OK - Scumbag, Piece of Shit, Liar, Non-lover of the Constitutuion, America, American Freedoms, Piss-Ant, Chicken-Hawk, Disgrace...OK OK I'll stop now that my first amendement rights are almost used up.
Oh wait, Oh wait, I almost forgot his nepotism hired daughter Lizzie...nah, not enough toilet paper to wipe...well, better stop there, thinking about her first amendement rights, and all.


  1. What's more amazing than the above mentioned actions is that so many Americans were not upset by them. Illegal wiretapping? Yawn. Reckless war? Hey, honey, go grab the flag so we can wave it while we shout "shock & awe!". Torture? Yea, they oughta let ME in the room. And, on Clinton's side--letting his wife who was not elected be in charge of healthcare, ignoring the genocide in Rwanda, waiting until it was nearly too late to help out in Bosnia, and of course, lying under oath. That it was about his sex life is irrelevant--he thumbed his nose at the law. The American people are an odd lot at times. They remain fixated on Tiger Woods while the financial security of this nation is being destroyed.