Monday, November 16, 2009

Russell Bishop: What Do You Want Out Of Life, Really?

Russell Bishop writes - "One day, on a protest line, I wound up getting hit by a tear gas canister. As I picked it up and started to throw it back, I suddenly, and inexplicably, found myself looking back at myself, as though I were a spectator to my own activity. And then I heard myself screaming, 'why don't you a**holes love us?'
At that moment, life began changing in profound and meaningful ways. As wave after wave of awareness broke over me, I saw the contradiction of my life to that point: my message was love and peace, and my strategy was to yell, scream and throw things."

I think it would do us all good to reconsider what we really want out of life and what we truly care about, and the means by which we will use to get to that point. Lead by example and follow your TRUE convictions.  Here's hoping we all have that moment of clarity and self-awareness that Russell did.

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