Monday, November 23, 2009

Mass Murder? An Epidemic in Today's Society

A few years ago, maybe 10, I don't know, I was living in Boston when I heard of a school shooting either inside or outside a jewish school where people were killed with a rifle.  I think Columbine had already happened.  I remember thinking "Wow, our country just goes from one tragedy to another, and nobody seems to blink."  The sense of shock was because growing up, we never had stories like this, or if we did, they were years and years apart.  Today, it seems as if every other day there is a madman who goes out and kills innocent people for one crazy cause, or another.  Nobody does anything about it.  Nobody reports the fact that these crimes are henious and unacceptable.  The fact is, our society has somehow been led to believe that these crimes are acceptable and just part of living in everyday society.
Lee Seigel has a piece in The Daily Beast:
"No prosperous country not riven by civil conflict has anything like our volume of mass killings. And yet for all of the fascination with mass murder in the media, in Hollywood—and among us—no politician will do more than pay lip service in condemning it. No journalist will crusade against it."
My response?  Politicians and journalists are publicity mongering WHORES.  I have low regard for the politicians who accept it and even lower regard for the main street media WHOREY WHORES who put all this shit on television for day after day without mentioning that it is wrong.  But in general, that is the problem with media, they take no sides in saying what is right and what is wrong, except for dare I say it, Fox News.

Nobody does a damn thing to try to stop it. Conservatives don’t want to make an issue of mass murder because then they would be confronted with the fact that nearly all of the massacres are committed by people using guns. Liberals don’t want to cry out about it because then they would have to address the fact that the violence of our entertainment—TV, movies, videogames, our proliferating apps—makes killing seem like just another strategy for coping with reality.
Our country is sick.  It needs health care.  How much will the insurance companies charge to cover an entire nation?

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  1. Well written. I had a similar epiphany several years ago after a spate of kidnapping & murder of little girls. Unfortunately, that type of horror has once again reared its ugly head, with too many children murdered. I'm not a historian--do you know of any previous society which endured the madness which is so common in the U.S. these days? What is it about America which produces mass murderers and serial killers by the dozen? We live in a culture which does not value human life, that's for sure. The acceptance of the death penalty is deeply engrained, and our "entertainment" is filled with violence. This is not a conservative/liberal issue, but a national issue which cuts across all political, religious, and ethnic lines.