Friday, November 13, 2009

My Reply to a Dear Reader

Sorry to say, I think many good, regular Americans have been hood-winked by the right. I'm not debating the tea baggers here. I cannot imagine the outrage that middle-class Americans have over the health care issue, yet continue to think it's OK for the health care industry to get rich on their dime, denying people coverage, refusing treatment (real day death squads), and basically in my judgement, just shafting the middle class. You guys hear Glenn Beck talk about taxes, blah, blah, blah, and say "Yeah, I don't want my taxes to go for socialized medicine", yet still think it's OK for corporations to shaft you.

It's really evident in the banking/insurance crisis. WHERES THE OUTRAGE? Why don't the tea baggers protest bankers and insurance companies that are propped up with favorable laws and tax breaks? They don't, because they don't know, or don't understand. What they have done is no less than welfare for the banks. You want to cut welfare rolls? Start with the corportations that pay ZERO, NO, NADA TAXES. Where's the outrage?
It's all backwards. There should be an uprising in this country so strong that every middle-class American could support against what has happened to our money, yet nobody even thinks of this because we are led to believe that socialists like President Obama want to take their/our money to pay for health care for the poor. It's astounding. Remember the French Revolution. "Off with their heads", that is the kind of outrage that I think we should be going through.

The middle class is totally manipulated by the media. I don't mean just Fox, but the main stream media as well. About ten years back there was a book called "What's the matter with Kansas" in which the authors chronicled the middle-class and poor people of Kansas voting AGAINST their self interests time and again because of the religious right and the media.

These are things I truly believe.

I would urge anyone to read the book and consider what has happened in the last 30 years in this country.

Don't call me socialist. Don't call me unpatriotic because I don't support an idiot President's war, and don't call me unAmerican, because I love my country, and the constitution as much or more as anybody.


  1. I actually replied to this on the other post, about the GOP trying to censure Graham. I never did comment about that specific item--it's pathetic. What's also pathetic is watching the Dems and the GOP taking turns boycotting sessions they don't like. They're all a bunch of weasels.

  2. I really meant what I said. This was one of my more serious posts. In the last week I did hear about the repubs not attending a hearing but did not hear about the dems.
    Off-topic, on the other place where we post, the spammers have taken over the blogposts and something needs to be done about it. Your last post lasted probably half a day. Please join me, as I indicated in two posts, in contacting the XX in removing them. And if you want to comment on my post, please.

  3. I noticed the spammers, too. And, if you want to read my comment to this one, read it under your article with the title about the teabaggers' ultimatum to Graham. I forget the exact headline, sorry. As to the Dems boycotting, what happened was that they sneaked out the back door--someone with a camera caught them leaving. You'll probably note that I have no respect for either party. Ironically, I am a registered Democrat.