Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Patriots vs Colts Sunday Night

According to ESPN, the Colts have been great in down-field, passing plays.  If you take away the Pat's victory against the Titans, their down field passing plays are not up to par.  The solution?  Run Randy Moss down-field  freeing up Tom Brady to make a lot of quick short 10 yard pick-ups.  (But isn't that they have already been doing?)
According to a poll "Who will win the Colts/Pats game this Sunday?", 30,000 on-line voters rated it a statistical dead-heat at 50%-50%.
It's gonna be a heck of a game.  My prediction?  Pats over Colts 27-23.
Oh yeah, here's one more thing the Pats need to do, borrowing a pic from a 9-9-04 game featuring Willie McGinest over Peyton Manning.  Sack the quarterback!

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