Friday, November 13, 2009

Shame on MSNBC

Ashleigh Banfield is joining ABC after waiting months for MSNBC to let her out.  Read the story.
"I'm a journalist and I like to be able to tell the story as I see it, and I hate it when someone tells me I'm one-sided. It's the worst I can hear. Fox has taken so many viewers away from CNN and MSNBC because of their agenda and because of their targeting the market of cable news viewership, that I'm afraid there's not a really big place in cable for news. Cable is for entertainment, as it's turning out, but not news.

I'm hoping that I will have a future in news in cable, but not the way some cable news operators wrap themselves in the American flag and patriotism and go after a certain target demographic, which is very lucrative. You can already see the effects, you can already see the big hires on other networks, right wing hires to chase after this effect, and you can already see that flag waving in the corners of those cable news stations where they have exciting American music to go along with their war coverage."


  1. This one surprised me because NBC hates the Iraq war. I used to watch MSNBC, but I stopped during the Presidential campaign. MSNBC would televise then candidate Obama's remarks, but when it came to McCain, the network often showed video of him speaking while a reporter summarized what McCain was saying. I want to hear things from the horse's mouth. So I split my viewing between Fox and CNN. I know Fox gets a bad rap, but it is no less biased than any of the more left-leaning channels. I can't stand Hannity, I agree with Colmes more often than I thought I would, and I am a big O'Reilly fan, even though I disagree with him on some issues, too. On CNN, I like Wolf Blitzer. And, for sheer entertainment, you can't beat Beck. I liked him on CNN, and I like him on Fox. He's nuts, but he is never boring.