Monday, May 24, 2010

Taegan Goddard's Political Wire

Come on teabaggers, let's rally around our candidate Mr. D'Annunzio. Sarah Palin, Ayn-Rand Paul? Where are you?
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire: "North Carolina Republicans 'have escalated an unprecedented campaign against one of their own congressional candidates,' with the party chairman calling Tim D'Annunzio (R) 'unfit for public office at any level,' according to the Charlotte Observer.

Newly-surfaced court documents portray D'Annunzio as 'a self-described religious zealot' who once called the federal government the Antichrist and told his ex-wife that he'd found the Ark of the Covenant.

D'Annunzio finished first in the May 4 primary and faces a June 22 runoff against Harold Johnson (R) in the state's 8th congressional district. The winner faces off against Rep. Larry Kissell (D-NC)."

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