Monday, May 17, 2010

Massachusetts Voters Take Over Sen. Scott Brown's Office

To be a successful Republican means that one cannot embrace or even shake hands with a Democrat. Just ask Charlie Crist or Bob Bennett. Or, perish the thought, work with the Democrats on anything. Just ask Lyndsy Graham or Arlen Specter. To be a successful Republican means you must blindly follow the incompetent Republican leaders lock, stock, and barrell.

I know my rhetoric sounds harsh, but is it not true? To be a successful Republican your sole goal in your position as a lawmaker is not to better the people in passing meaningful laws but to crush any and all Democrats by lies, confusion, and demonization.

"We want our country back from that big scary black man in the White House." The Republican "come to Jesus moment?" January 21st of last year. To be a successful Republican you must try and de-legitimize any and all Democratic election victories.
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  1. I do not believe this is true. I am skeptical of anyone who accepts such a broad generality.

    Define "successful Republican", please.

    Do you truly believe that the "sole goal in your position as a lawmaker is not to better the people in passing meaningful laws but to crush any and all Democrats by lies, confusion, and demonization"?

  2. Do I believe what I wrote? Yes. Am I guilty of a little hyperbole? Yes. As to "broad generality" I gave several examples to back up what I was trying to say. I have come to my conclusions regarding the Republican party freely after considering myself one of them during Reagan's time, then seeing how badly they behaved during the Clinton administration, through today. I think the party has been moving to the right ever since. Good for them. That's not where I'm at. Today, with the teapartyers and headliners like Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, and today's special speaker-Newt Gingrich-
    "The President's "secular-socialist machine represents as great a threat to America as Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union once did." Really, you fucking idiot? (apologies, my blog, my language, feel free to use the language you would like here also)

    Talk about hyperbole and bullshit all rolled out in one! The truth is, the quotes never stop coming.

    Yes, the Republicans are far, far better at party warfare than the Dems and should be congratulated on their successes. But, in the process, they have become in my eyes, and probably a few others, just a party of losers with nothing to add. Thinking again, I didn't even mention former VP Dick Cheney or his lovely daughter Liz whose comments if made towards any other president would be considered almost treasonous, nes't pas?

    A successful Republican? Take Arlen Specter for example. It became clear that he could not remain a Republican and win his parties nomination for Senator. The Republican party regulars in his state had become much more conservative and rigid to the right. Specter was a moderate and would have lost to Pat Toomey in the primary. As it stands, as I see it, the general electorate of PA is not as conservative and right leaning as Pat Toomey. What I think will happen is Sestak will beat Toomey in the general election in November. So, Specter could no longer be moderate and could no longer be a Republican. And was no longer a successful Republican. Ditto Governor Crist.

    Then you've got somebody like Bob Bennett - Utah who is about as conservative as they come. I believe he voted for the stimulus because he believed that it was best for the country, goodness gracious, better vote him the hell out of there for not being conservative enough! It's lunacy. Bennett is no RINO. But alas, he's not a successful Republican because he voted one time with those evil Dems because he thought it the right thing to do.

    Finally, take newly elected Mass. Senator Scott Brown. He was the darling of the teabaggers. Oh how he won Kennedy's seat in liberal Massachsetts. Those liberals are just peeling away, falling apart. I'm not exactly sure what happened there but I'm guessing he presented some coherent thoughts. Martha Coakley was about as big an idiot candidate as this world could ever see, and Mass, like NJ is looking for change from high taxes, etc. So he got elected. Great. It doesn't look like he's going to vote like the teabaggers want every time. They have already started calling him a RINO not six months into his tenure. The Republican leadership LET Snowe, Collins, and HIM vote with the Dems on the financial reform bill because they really wanted the measure passed so it could not be used against them in the November election. The vote should have probably been about 75-21 if it were an honest vote. Now, Brown can go to the electorate in Mass. and say, look I voted with the Dems on financial reform. Aren't I good and successful? Perhaps, but Senator Brown, you are NOT a successful Republican.

  3. You gave several examples of unsuccessful Republicans. I still do not know what a successful Republican is.

    You and I definitely approach things differently. I am not comfortable in such generalizations.

    All the best.

  4. Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Orrin Hatch, Hailey Barbour? Successful Republicans? Perhaps you can point me in the direction? Certainly not leader McConnell. Boehner? Who would you say fits the bill?

    I'm a little disappointed in being called generalizing in my view of things. I gave you 3 specific examples of how hard it is today to be a good Republican and you skimmed over all. Perhaps I need to listen more and understand more of what you say?

    As I said, my approach is honestly after years of watching the party take wrong turn after wrong turn (imho of course). How should I approach it? Mabye that's the question?