Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Views from the Net

I live in a european country where we have free health care and we cannot understand why Americans are so much against it....we shake our heads when we see that Americans don't want health care reforms. What are we missing?

If you step back and look at this entire fiasco, it's quite mind boggling. What kind of government official (and what kind of ordinary people) tries to stop the expansion of medical care to fellow citizens? When you watch folks screaming and yelling and carrying weapons, you'd think our constitution had actually been dispensed with and there had been a third-world style, military coup. In a million years, an unknowing person wouldn't guess people were up in arms about giving access to medical care to other Americans, many of whom are in great need through no fault of their own.

Exactly. This is a conflict of interest. (Of government officials) They should be impeached.

Just take away their health care coverage and make them work on a bill to get their (and the uninsureds) coverage back.

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