Friday, August 21, 2009

Health Care Reform/Bashing Senator Snow

I just finished reading an entry on the Huffington Post which stated that Senator Snow said in an interview that there would be no public option. She said they were working on other options because right now, a public option will not fly in the Senate. I think she might be right. At the end of the article there were about 400 comments about her statement. Some included that she was ugly. Some put her in the same boat as Senator's Grassley, Kyl, DeMint, the idiot doctor Senator from the Dakota's, even Senator Lieberman. They sounded like a bunch of bees surrounding a person who had been dipped in honey and about to sting. Ouch!

I don't feel she is in the same boat as the above mentioned blow-hards, and yes even some liars. For at least 50 years the republican party has been the party of scare-tactics, distortions, and threats. Notice all the armed protesters at the recent town hall meetings just exercising their "rights" to carry guns. A little scary and threatening? I think so.

Here's where I stand. I agree with many of the comments at HuffPost that with-out a public option it will be harder to lower costs, insure everyone, no discrimination for pre-existing conditions, let you take your insurance from one job to the next, no dropping you after a claim, and mostly choice.

But what if by some miracle the senators do come up with something that takes care of those concerns? Basically I have read that many people say "no public option, no health care reform bill". Really? You wouldn't vote for something like above as a start? That's ridiculous. I think some need to take a deep breath, exhale slowly, think, and work together.

How about a national day of support for our side, the right side.

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