Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Post

It's a hot summer's evening here in the deep South of Jersey. I just finished watering my dry plants outside. The cacti seem to like the heat but some of the others need a splash every day. The reason for this blog is mainly a place to get my thoughts down. I guess I feel if they are published somewhere they have meaning. That's not to say that I don't want readers (and commentors), I do. So if anybody has anything to say, please go ahead. I have a lot of interests and hopefully will be able to explore some of them here. Politics, world events, local interests, gardening and so on. I read a lot of blogs now so if you see something that looks like it is borrowed from someone else, it probably was. One of the blogs that I like is Andrew Sullivan's blog "The Daily Dish" He has a lot of inciteful commentary and also a feature called "The View From Your Window" He shows pics from different places around the world framed from inside a window. I would like to copy that here. So since this is my first attempt at this I'm going to go figure how to post a pic as a blog entry.

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