Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reflections on <i>24 Hour Restaurant Battle</i>

It is not "maybe" possible to open a restaurant in 24 hours, it is impossible. Chef Conant knows that. Restaurants are one of the hardest business' to manage and earn a profit from. The best restaurants make 5 - 10% as their bottom line. (very small margin for error) So before you really think about salt shakers and place settings you need to think about a business plan. Food cost, labor cost, rent, other fixed costs are most important. You need to pay yourself. Oh yeah, you better know how you will attract enough customers each day to keep the $$ coming. I think it may be possible to do it in maybe a month, but better yet, you need about 4-6. The show is still fun though and is realistic in the trials, tribulations, and successes!
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