Thursday, August 19, 2010

'Professional Left' Saga Says More About Media Than Obama

I don't agree. I think Obama has governed more or less how he campaigned. I don't recall him ever proclaiming to be way on the left. My impression was that he was a left of center pragmatist and I think that's how he has tried to govern. Am I happy with a lot of what he's done? Absolutely not. Would I vote for him again? Absolutely. I guess I believe in 1. a learning curve for administrations, and they are adapting. 2. politics ain't easy.

Appointing Elizabeth Warren and getting rid of Summers and Geitner would be good choices to improve his administration.

Who would govern most from the left? Bill, Hillary, or Barack?

When I look at where this country was when he took over, I think he's made too many compromises but he has had to to get anything done. He's still got a lot of work though.
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