Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rendell: Democratic Party Is Soulless, 'Cowering Behind The Shower Curtains'

Representative Sestak whom I really admire, made a HUGE MISTAKE in entering this senate race. It was almost like, once the rumors were out there, in the end, he had to run. For the democratic party politically, this makes no sense whatsoever. Now we risk losing his seat in the house and more importantly, a really good congressman.

It puts people in the awkward position of rewarding Specter (he has served the state well) and hurting Sestak which no one wants to do. Again, wrong move. Rendell is right though about the dems need to stand together and talk about the successes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etal. Keep on pushing the good bills through. Pretty soon people will see that we're actually achieving something.

Ever notice that no matter what, the repubs ALWAYS stick together? And then shove it in your face on teevee? We should try it for a change.
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