Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Blogger's Wish?

My Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas for this crafter of blogs,
And what needed a break were my mind's gears and cogs.

I'd spent the year banging at these keys with delight;
Sometimes laughs I'd elicit; sometimes ire I'd incite.

But I wanted to take some time off for a rest.
I wanted to start the New Year at my best.

Remote in my hand, 'fore my TV I plopped,
With my martini chilled and popcorn freshly popped.

I wanted a movie - I didn't want news.
A break from debate was what I could use.

When what to my wondering ears did I hear?
Not my home theater's speakers, but something quite weird.

It sounded like hooves tearing up my front grass.
In a fluster, I almost tipped over my glass.

Then suddenly helping himself to my couch
Was dear old St. Nick. What the heck's that about?

"Hey, Santy Claus," I said with a smirk,
"I don't mean to pry - why aren't you at work?"

"Hello, little boy," he said to this man.
"I'm here to bestow just one gift, if I can."

"I made you a present; it took but a wink:
The chance to make everyone think like you think."

"Every piece that you write, every column you post,
Will meet with agreement from East to West Coast."

I wasn't sure how my response should begin.
I said, "Are you kidding?" I sniffed at my gin.

"Your drink's not been spiked," Santa went on to say.
"And you haven't had too much...not yet, anyway."

I said, "I thought miracles were what's-His-name's game;
The one whose day of celebration's the same."

Santa said, "Sure. He's got miracle clout.
But every so often I like to stretch out."

"So I'm here to tell you dissent won't exist;
Not one single misspelled retort will be missed."

"Put pencil to paper, boy; soon you will see
That with all of your words the whole world will agree."

The offer was tempting as it laid there unfurled.
I think I'm right - why not the world?

But I just looked at Santa, and all I could ask:
"What good is opinion not taken to task?"

We must all offer comment, we must all criticize.
We must cross uncrossed T's and dot dotless I's.

We should stand and defend that in which we believe;
To do anything less would be simply naive.

"I thank you, but no," I said to Old Claus.
"And destroy that gift now, with great haste and no pause."

"Not one single man should have such verbal might;
And all should be ready for an opining fight."

"Are you sure that you're sure?" Santa asked with a grin.
"You know that this offer will not come again."

But I just said, "Hey, while it's tempting, for sure,
Life without debate would become quite a bore."

Then Santa flew off in his red hat and coat.
So I fired up the PC and ditched the remote.

"I take issue with something..." I started to write.
Merry Key-Banging to all, and to all a good night.

"My Night Before Christmas" poem reposted with permission from the blog I Say, Provoking Thought By Banging Keys.  2008 MICHAELNAZSAYS.  Michael is a wonderful writer whom I had the good fortune of meeting last month.  He writes like a writer, with intelligent, thought-provoking prose.  I would strongly suggest my viewers wanting to read a myriad of topics and expand their minds to read his excellent blog.

To all who share January 7th as Christmas in the Old Greek Russian Orthodox calendar, my thoughts and prayers are with you tonight for a joyful and soulful and peaceful Merry Christmas!

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