Saturday, October 3, 2009

Treasonous? Jim DeMint, James InHofe, Eric Cantor, Mark Kirk Speak Out

Too harsh a word?  I'll let you decide:
Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL) boasted in June that he told Chinese officials not to trust America's budget numbers. "One of the messages I had -- because we need to build trust and confidence in our number one creditor," said Kirk, "is that the budget numbers that the US government had put forward should not be believed." Since then, he has declared his candidacy for U.S. Senate.
Read the short post at TPM

When an elected official goes to a foreign country and declares that the administration of the US is not credible, which all four of these leaders have done, what else would you call it?

While I think these 4 generally fit the description, I think of them more as losers than anything else.  And you didn't like the Dixie Chicks for saying they were embarrased by George Bush?

OK, it has been pointed out that using the word "treason" is a bit hyperbolic.  Fair enough.  How about "Jack-Ass, wannabe traitors?"  OK, no treason, no traitor, how about "Anti-American, Anti-Constitution leaders from the opposition?"  OK OK, How about "Dumb leaders that the other side elected who have no clue, and are rile up their base with nonsense and lies?"  Got It.

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