Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Passing health care reform...and more with our super-majority

What if we passed a bill with the 60 non filibuster vote? Would it give us the balls to move forward with our ideas?  Would the democrats feel emboldened? Would they actually get the mettle, the moxie, to believe that we could actually achieve something with our super-majority? The implications for the future could be mind-boggling. Why not do to the republicans what they did to us the last 8 years???  President Obama needs to be more than non-committal, he needs to lead.

"But skepticism from the White House isn't the only hurdle that remains. While a host of Democrats, including the administration, publicly praised Reid for standing by an opt-out public option, internal whip counts indicate that there are approximately 57 votes for the proposal. Convincing the remaining three caucus members that the bill should be allowed to get an up-or-down vote remains an uphill lift. Having a president that is non-committal in the process makes it even harder. Meanwhile, the likelihood that the proposal will not have a single Republican member's support removes the bipartisan cover that some conservative Democrats are demanding."

Still, the emergence of the opt-out option and its ultimate embrace by Reid has provided a major boost to health care reform and breathed new life into the prospects of a government-run insurance alternative.
We can do it!

"I think there has been a big change in momentum since the late summer and a growing belief in the caucus that this is a reasonable compromise," said Merkley. "We think it is going to sell itself."

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