Monday, October 5, 2009

A Note about Posts

When looking for inspiration and ideas to write a blog post about I often remember a conversation I've had with others about a topic, or maybe a television show I've seen or newspaper article I've read.  I formulate ideas in my head, sometimes scribbling a few "post points" on a scrap piece of paper, then commit them to the "new post box" in blogger and publish.  Taking this route often leads to more personal and honest writing.
Another route, and the easiest way to find post subjects is to surf the net for stories that I'm interested in and use the other poster's work as an inspiration for my own thoughts, quoting a few paragraphs from them, elaborating on the bigger picture and sending a link back to the original.
There are reasons for using both methods for my blog.  If I want my readers to know where I'm coming from on a particular point with all the reasoning behind it I choose the former.  If I just want to point out a story that I think my readers should know, I choose the latter.
Another consideration with publishing posts is size.  If I choose to write a full essay about a topic and put it all on my home page, often without pics or vids, it becomes a daunting task for the reader.  It may appear boring and it certainly appears to be too long to read in a couple of minutes.  An option to make it easier might be to include two or three paragraphs on the main page with a break link that people can click for the rest of the story if they are interested.  I haven't gone there yet but it is in my mind.
Sometimes after I've published my post hours, or even days later, I change my mind about some of the content.  It's usually easy to edit and add or change words but sometimes it's not. 
Case in point:  Take my recent post about the Rio/Chicago Olympics.  I wrote a story with the relevant points I wanted to make.  I then downloaded a copy of the olympic rings, opened it in paint, and added the words "No No Chi Cago!"  Hours later I came across the video of the crazy Republicans clapping for glee when Obama lost his bid.  I edited the post to include the video which I thought proved my point.  At the time I was feeling a little unkindness against them and added my comment "Fucking Wackos"  The next morning I realized that I did not really want to sound so negative and tried to remove my comment.  No such luck. 
After taking the post back to the edit box and removing those words, then trying to repost it, I was told that there was an error in the html code for the video and it could not post with my editing out of those words.  I had not touched the html code and there was nothing I could do but remove the video, which I thought added a lot to the story, or leave it.  I decided to leave it. 
Now, when people read it they might get the impression that I was madder and more partisan than I really was. 
Such are the trials and tribulations of a newbie blogger!
Finally, there is no spell check in the new post editor.  There used to be but they upgraded it and took it out.  Now, it's left to the poster to make sure every word is spelled correctly.  So I apologize in advance if you find one :)

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