Monday, October 19, 2009

New England Patriots Blast Tennessee Titans 59-0

New England Patriots Blast Tennessee Titans 59-0 in Snowy Foxboro!

After a hard loss last week to the Denver Broncos in Denver, New England sought to redeem themselves this week in their game against the Titans.  I've been uncomfortable since week 2's loss against the Jets.  That was a loss that shouldn't have happened. 

Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker addresses the media during his postgame press conference at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, October 18, 2009:

Q:  Did it feel good to get a chance to connect with Tom Brady for two touchdowns)
"Yeah, absolutely, having number 12 in there and kind of back to his old self. He kind of showed it tonight and, under the conditions, he played really well and the whole offense was able to come together and make some plays."
Tom Brady in his news conference:
Q: Home field advantage in the snow?  Any particular reason?
We're kind of a team in the Northeast - football conditions, you've got to go out and play in them and I think it's just a big benefit to practice in them, so it was fun to see the way we preformed out there. Hopefully that really helps us to go into next week.

Q: When you were on the sideline in the second half and you looked up and saw almost a high school football score, were you surprised or shaking your head?

"You know, not really. You'd think we would have been like that, but we've won a lot of big games around here. We've played well on offense for a long time, and I don't think it really shakes anybody up when you go out there and do that. I think we were just excited that we finally(my emphasis)  played well and put together 60 minutes of football. I think we've had some good halves. We've had some good three quarters, but today we put together four pretty good quarters."

There was satisfaction in the Patriots' locker room Sunday evening following the rout over the Titans. From a record-setting passing attack to Seau's return to Maroney's TD run to the unexpected snow storm, the players are talking about it...and satisfied.

Personally, I'm thrilled with the win. I think that the 59-zip score which ties the record back in the 70's, and Brady's 5 TD's in the 2nd quarter which sets an NFL record are meaningful. After the first couple of weeks with a kind of wishy-washy performance, the Pat's present themselves to be back on track.   Only time will tell and I am not making any predictions at this point.  (unlike after week 1)  My thought today is that it is good to put a little fear in other teams, a little forboding, that if they, like the Titans find themselves in a mess, and are struggling to find a first down, the Pat's will stomp.  Fear is a good thing in the NFL for your opponents to have against you; it helps the medicine go down smoother.

Go Patriots @Wembley Stadium, London, against the Buc's next Sunday!

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