Friday, October 2, 2009

My comment on The Daily Beast

Send Joe Wilson Home - Page 1 - The Daily Beast: "genmanager
I guess I should blame myself for believing that people commenting on blogs, myself included, are open-minded and honest. When I hear cultists (those who really are not conservative and don't even know what the republican party stands for, but who are blindly led by Limbaugh and Beck, who are also not conservative or republican, but greedy - I cringe.

You call legitimate voices of your party like Mr. McKinnon a prostitute, and Former Secretary of State, Former Chairman of the Joint Cheifs of Staff Colin Powell a rino in order to make a point that they are not towing the line of 'death to all democrats, we will not negotiate on anything, and we will stoop to the lowest level of discourse to indoctrinate and pull more unthinking people into your fold'.

You appear petty and scared. You have lost all common sense. You want to kick out those in your party who may agree with you 90% of the time, but who call a foul when a foul is committed.

The democrats are in a slighlty similar situation. It's hard, but we are trying to accomodate those in our party who have differing viewpoints. We're not really trying to kick them out.

Difference is, we won the last two elections, you didn't."

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