Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kevin Langley for Maurice River Township Committee

Congratulations Kevin!

Well Fought, Well Run, and Well Done!
Vote Totals
Kevin Langley 464, Glenn Ewan 374, Penny Wells 243

I am writing this post in support of Kevin Langley for Township Committee in Maurice River Township. Politically speaking, I am a strong progressive, while Kevin is as staunch a conservative Republican, with an "old-right" bent as I have known. So why am I supporting his candidacy? The decision was easy. I've known Kevin for 10 years. During that time I have known him to be of true character and strength with a first rate intelligence. Spending time with him you learn his passion for politics and his desire to make things better for our community. A day doesn't go by that he's not coming up with a way to make things better for the working men and women who live here. In a nutshell, the reason that I support him is to improve and, more importanly, preserve, the high quality of life that we enjoy here.

Kevin's love and knowledge of history is second to none. He enjoys debating my liberal ideas about local government and pointing out how he might do it better if given the chance. In other words, he has a vision of what he wants this community to look like and how he wants us to get there. I haven't heard the other candidates express that. Let's give Kevin that chance.

One of his opponents appears to have tried to muddy the waters concerning Kevin's qualifications and earned place on the Republican ticket with innuendo about who backs whom; and yes a little smokey backroom local politics have played a part in this election. But know this, Kevin is as qualified as either opponent and he won the Republican primary with more votes than his third party opponent. The bottom line is the facts are the facts, Kevin is the duly elected Republican Primary Candidate running in this election.

I know he is running to make a difference. I know he is running to make Maurice River Township a better place to live through lowering taxes not just for the rich, but for everybody. I trust him to represent me on the left as much as he would someone on the right, and to give every issue before him as township committeeman, a thorough review before making a decision.

Vote for Kevin Langley for Township Committee.

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  1. I don't follow Maurice River Twp politics, so I really can't comment on this one.