Friday, October 2, 2009

Fun Facts about Health Care

Health Care: American's Love Single-Payer Healthcare,they just don't know they have it! And that's not what Obama is proposing. Don't be fooled.

President Obama is proposing one government health insurance plan for those under 65 to go along with the private ones. But Medicare is actually single-payer, government-run health insurance for people over 65. According to the Harris poll it is tied for third place in popularity of government programs:
The National Park Service: 85%
Crime-fighting and prevention services: 77%
Medicare: 76%
Social Security: 76%
Medicaid has 71% support. The Republicans call a lot of things socialist, but socialism is when the government owns big business and industry. When the government owns the highways that's not socialism. The government owns and runs a lot of things: schools, the military, police, the court system, the post office. If that was socialism we would have been socialists since the country was founded. The Republicans are just defending big insurance companies by using the socialist smear to frighten people."

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