Friday, October 2, 2009

A Civil War Letter

When you look at all the hate, vitriol, war-mongering, and just bad-mouthing that's going around, you wonder when, and if it can end and in what shape this great nation of ours will be in.
What will happen if we get attacked by terrorists again? Will we fight each other over who's to blame and who's ideologically right? Dick Cheney has already said that it will be Obama's fault because he has tried to discontinue torture and close Guantanamo Bay. That's like a call to action for the right, and sounds like treason to the left. It's insane talk from a maniac. At times the country does seem like it's at the boiling point.
After reading the letter below from the civil war I pause to think of the good in people and still have hope that we can get past the unrest and crazyness of today and still work together for a better tomorrow. But I really don't know how. There's a lot of crap going on.

Near Platte City July 4th/1861

"Dear Father,

I received your letter some time since and now take my seat to have a chat with you. And do you believe I asked what day of the month it was here a true American asking what day of the month it is on that day which every person ought to love, isn't it to bad. Today is a beautiful day. I expect it will be celebrated by the people of the North but it is very doubtful as to the patriotic sourtheners celebrating it. How sad, how very sad that our country, our own loved Country should be so ruined. I am sad and unhappy to see this fearful time. I must tell you that I am no secessionest, no oh no, nor is Uncle John nor Uncle Jimmie Craven but there are so many secessionests around here. I think if we remain as we are I see nothing, nothing but ruin before us. I have some faint hopes though that this great difficulty may be settled. I do not put my trust in large armies, north or south but in him who presides over the destinies of nations. Let our fervent earnest prayer be to him that our nation may arise to its former happiness and prosperity that this people may again be united in heart and hand."

I hope the people in this country realize what the consequences are going to be, if we continue down this path.

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