Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Bit of Comedy to Brighten Your Day!

You don't want Levi as your enemy!


  1. I doubt that Levi will be more of a threat to Palin than Couric, Letterman, and every person who filed some kind of lawsuit against her. I found this more sad than funny. He is the father of a child whose family is already the butt of late night jokesters. Does he really want to go after his son's family? I haven't heard him say he wants full custody of his son, so if he does try to hurt the Palins, it will be his flesh and blood who suffers. As ridiculous as Palin was, this guy is even worse. What was Bristol thinking when she hooked up with this slacker?

  2. True enough, although I think Levi was just a regular guy in the neighborhood. It made sense for them to date as much as any two teenages in Millville or Vineland.
    I think the whole saga also says that the Palin's, despite their governorship and later, added fame, are just regular people. To me, that is the one quality that I can appreciate. I just disagree with Sarah's qualifications, her intellectual capabilities, and most importanly, her politics.